DVD 92 min. IMDB
Last Chance Harvey
Anchor Bay (2008)
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Drama, Romance
USA  /  English

Dustin Hoffman Harvey Shine
Emma Thompson Kate Walker
Eileen Atkins Maggie Walker
Kathy Baker Jean
Liane Balaban Susan
James Brolin Brian
Richard Schiff Marvin
Tim Howard Johnnie
Wendy Mae Brown Aggie
Bronagh Gallagher Oonagh
Jeremy Sheffield Matt
Daniel Lapaine Scott
Patrick Baladi Simon
Adam James Josh Hillman
Michael Landes Peter Turner

Instruktør Joel Hopkins
Producent Tim Perell; Jawal Nga
Manuskript Joel Hopkins
Fotograf John de Borman
Musik Dickon Hinchliffe

Harvey Shine (Dustin Hoffman) dream is to be a jazz pianist but finds himself working as a jingle writer in jeopardy. Although he is warned by his boss for a last chance he decides to fly to London for a weekend to attend his daughter's wedding. Upon his arrival, he learns that his daughter has made her decision to have her stepfather walk her down the aisle instead of him. Feeling devastated, he leaves the wedding before the reception in hopes that he will be able to get a flight on time. Unfortunately for Harvey, he misses his plane. After explaining to his boss about his unfortunate situation, he received the bad news that his services are no longer needed. Feeling hopeless, he strikes a conversation with Kate (Emma Thompson). The pair grows closer as the two soon discover how they each have inspired each other as they unexpectedly transform each others lives.

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Region Region 1
Antal disk 1