DVD 99 min. IMDB
2001: A Space Travesty
Columbia TriStar (2000)
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Comedy, Science Fiction
Canada  /  English

Leslie Nielsen Richard Dix
Ophélie Winter Cassandra Menage
Ezio Greggio Captain Valentino Di Pasquale
Peter Egan Dr. Griffin Pratt
Alexandra Kamp-Groeneveld Dr. Uschi Künstler
Damien Masson Mr. President
Pierre Edwards Lt. Bradford Shitzu
David Fox Secretary Osgood
Sam Stone Police Chief Halverson
Verona Feldbusch Yetta Pussel

Instruktør Allan A. Goldstein
Producent Martin Heldmann; Werner Koenig
Manuskript Francesco Lucente; Alan Shearman
Fotograf Sylvain Brault
Musik Claude Foisy; Johann Strauß

Richard Dix (Leslie Nielsen) is a bumbling detective. When strange reports start coming in that the President is being held captive on secret international moon base VEGAN. Apparently the President has been replaced by a clone. Hearing this, the US Marshall's send for their best man: Dix. Dix travels to Vegan on a rescue mission, but is quickly tricked and ends up returning to Earth where he unwittingly installs the clone-president. The bumbling Richard Dix must now find a way to get the real president back in office before aliens take over the world.

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Region Region 1
Antal disk 1