DVD 91 min. IMDB
The Night Listener
Miramax (2006)
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Thriller, Mystery
USA  /  English

Toni Collette Donna D. Logand
Robin Williams Gabriel Noone
Joe Morton Ashe
Bobby Cannavale Jess
Rory Culkin Pete D. Logand
Sandra Oh Anna
Rodrigo Lopresti Young Man at Party
John Cullum Pap Noone
Lisa Emery Darlie Noone
Guenia Lemos Female Neighbor

Instruktør Patrick Stettner
Producent John Hart; Robert Kessel
Manuskript Patrick Stettner; Armistead Maupin
Fotograf Lisa Rinzler
Musik Peter Nashel

The Night Listener focuses on Gabriel Noone who is a popular gay radio show host. He has tons of personal problems, the biggest being a shattering relationship. Gabriel soon begins a telephone relationship with his biggest fan. This fan happens to be a young boy who says he is an incest survivor and has AIDS. Gabriel gets sucked into this boy's stories and is severely haunted. But soon enough many eerie questions about the boy's identity begin to arise and disrupt Gabriel's life.

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Region Region 1
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