DVD 112 min. IMDB
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A few days in september
Quelques Jours En Septembre
Koch (2006)
I samling

Italy  /  English

Juliette Binoche Irène Montano
John Turturro William Pound
Sara Forestier Orlando
Tom Riley David
Nick Nolte Elliott
Mathieu Demy Le jeune banquier
Said Amadis Le vieux banquier
Magne Brekke Igor Zyberski
Alexis Galmot Le serveur

Instruktør Santiago Amigorena
Producent Paulo Branco; Santiago Amigorena
Manuskript Santiago Amigorena

On September the 1st 2001, CIA agent Elliot (Nick Nolte) mysteriously disappears, taking with him top-secret information on the near future of the world. From this point forward, Elliot’s unique goal is to get reconnected to his daughter, Orlando (Sara Forestier), whom he has abandoned back in 1991. Irène (Juliette Binoche), one of Elliot’s former CIA partners, along with his adoptive son, David (Tom Riley), are two other characters who will help the main hero in getting back in touch with his daughter. At the opposite pole is a strange, deranged William Pound (John Turturro), who will do anything in his powers to stop both Eliot and his daughter, Orlando.

Edition Details
Distributor Koch Lorber Films
Stregkode 741952312499
Region Region 1
Frigivet dato 2007-09-11
Indpakning Keep Case
Billed format Widescreen (1.78:1)
Undertekster English
Antal disk 1