DVD 102 min. IMDB
3 mænd og en baby
3 Men And A Baby
Buena Vista (1987)
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Comedy, Family
USA  /  English

Tom Selleck Peter Mitchell
Steve Guttenberg Michael Kellam
Ted Danson Jack Holden
Nancy Travis Sylvia
Margaret Colin Rebecca
Celeste Holm Mrs. Holden
Philip Bosco Det. Melkowitz
Michelle Blair Mary
Paul Guilfoyle Vince
Cynthia Harris Mrs. Hathaway

Instruktør Leonard Nimoy
Producent Ted Field; Robert W. Cort
Manuskript Coline Serreau; James Orr
Fotograf Adam Greenberg
Musik Marvin Hamlisch

While Jack Holden (Ted Danson) is on location in Turkey, a baby girl is delivered to his roommates, Peter Mitchell (Tom Selleck) and Michael Kellam (Steve Guttenberg). Since they have been living the lifestyle of well-to-do businessmen the men find it difficult adapting to having a baby in their lives. Plus, none of them has a clue about baby care. At first even diapering creates major havoc. Two men appear at the door one day asking for “the package”. The men decide they must want baby Mary who they’ve become very fond of. They give Mary to the men, then after discovering that the men were really after heroin, they take Mary back and give the men powdered baby formula. Finding that they’ve been had, the men return to the apartment and totally ransack it looking for the goods. After that the roommates formulate a plan to capture the drug dealers. Finally Mary’s mother, Sylvia (Nancy Travis) returns having realized that she doesn’t want to give up her baby. She doesn’t want to give up her career, either, so the roommates solve the problem by asking her to live with them.

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